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We want to help you make an informed decision. Please look through the following options. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us

If you are pregnant, you have options.​

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Adoption is a great option for both you and the baby.  If a baby is not a blessing for you right now, let them be a blessing to someone else.

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If you want to keep your baby and aren't sure how you are going to make it, we would like to help. We have a lot of resources available to assist you in this next step in a life. 

If you’re not too keen on being pregnant right now, abortion might seem like an easy way out.  However, abortion is not without short term and long term risks. 

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While considering your options, you may want to get an ultrasound as well. Often times, it can save some unnecessary risk and expense.  At Life Choices we can provide you with a free ultrasound

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Do you know how open, independent adoption works?

It allows you to take charge of the situation, and make a happy choice for you, your baby, and an adopting family that you can choose.

You can decide what type of home and family you’d like for your baby, and how much contact you’d like with them during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. You can also get help from the adopting family with expenses during your pregnancy.

If this might be an option for you, or maybe you’re not yet sure—call us! We’ll be happy to share about some of the adoptions we’ve come in contact with, and put you in contact with birth mothers and adopting families who’ve been there, as well as adoption professionals who will put your needs first.

To learn more about the benefits of adoption, click here.

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If you’re planning to keep your baby, we can help with:

  • Maternity clothes

  • Baby clothing, diapers, formula, and all sorts of baby things

  • Information on medical insurance plans

  • Referrals to local programs for help finishing school

  • Information on prenatal care, nutrition and parenting

  • Help finding temporary housing for you and your baby

  • Legal referrals, should you need an attorney’s help

Click here for an additional resource that may be of assistance.


If you’d like to talk with someone about your questions or concerns about being a mom, contact us.

Keeping your baby


Keeping your baby

Does abortion seem to you like it’s your only real option?

Abortion is a surgical procedure, and before you make that choice, you deserve to be fully informed.

Before a regular doctor will do surgery on one of his patients, there’s some basic information they consider together to make sure doctor and patient are on the same page. Before you head out to get an abortion, have you considered these questions?

Do you know how the abortion procedure works?

Click here for a clear discussion of the most common abortion procedures. 


When a woman begins the process of a medical abortion and changes her mind, there is a window of opportunity to reverse the effects of an abortion-causing agent.  For more information, click here.

Do you understand the short and long term physical, emotional and psychological risks that an abortion brings with it?

Have you thought through your options?

Well, we’ve already talked some about your other options—adoption or keeping your baby. For an additional, more in-depth resource in discussing your options, please click here.

And before you jump into getting that abortion...

Click here to learn about why you should get a free ultrasound before making this choice.



Ultrasound photo.jpg

Abortion is a surgical procedure, and before you make that choice, you deserve to be fully informed.

Do you know that your pregnancy is truly a uterine pregnancy rather than an ectopic pregnancy?


An ectopic pregnancy is where the baby starts growing somewhere other than your uterus or womb. Ectopic pregnancies aren’t very common, but they do happen. And if you’re one of the few to experience that, you need immediate medical attention—and real surgery—not an abortion.

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in natural miscarriage before the pregnancy is 8-10 weeks along? Often, an ultrasound can detect conditions (such as an empty sac or a blighted ovum) that indicate a miscarriage is imminent. And, if you know you’re going to have a miscarriage, you can save yourself the expense, hassle and risk of an unnecessary abortion.

Yes, before an abortion clinic could do an abortion on you, they should do an ultrasound. However, after you’ve paid them a few hundred dollars for that abortion, they have a vested interest in completing that procedure—whether or not you really need it.

Our clinic offers you a free ultrasound—and we’re not going to get paid more or less depending on the choice you make. Remember, all our services are free—we’re here to help you make a fully informed decision. So, please feel free to contact us.



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